Spaced Out Invaders: Aliens are destroying the railroad by shooting lazers. The Queen Of X needs to get home back to her fortress before the aliens destroy all the track (use a track repair crane to build the track)

School Daze: Kindergarten: This is a job where it gets educational. using three numbers you must produce an addition equation by sorting the cars to sidings.

The Mayor's Bad Day: The Mayor needs a new armchair because the other one has been broken. Pick up and deliver the new armchair that he needs (plus his lunch (cookies)) to the freighthouse.

Dodge Ball: The School kids need some new dodgeballs, because their ball's all flat. Pick up and deliver the new dodgeballs to the school and watch out for the commuter trains passing by.

Cows From Udder Space (Deluxe Only): Try to catch as many falling cows with 2 stockcars as you can before the time runs out.

Show Time (Deluxe Only): The brand new big city theatre is now grandly open. But all you need is to deliver the popcorn and soda, then with the passenger locomotive deliver the people so they can watch the movie.

A Day At The Circus: This job has to be unlocked by completing all levels in this job bin. Simply deliver all picked up loads to the circus and then enjoy the cut scene of the circus show in action.