Caboose Washer Jobs are jobs that are very simple and a great place to start for beginners .

Burger Time: In this job you need to pick up hamburgers from the stockyard (using a refridgrator car) and deliver them to the hungry furniture workers who need them.

Santa's Little Helper: Santa needs your help to deliver his reindeer and sleigh (using a flatcar and stockcar) to his workshop.

Fish To Fry: The Traintown angler's club are preparing for a fish fry and need to you pick up 2 loads (fish and boiling oil) (using 2 tank cars and a turntable aswell) and deliver them to the angler's club so they can start their fish fry.

Think, Think, Think: For this job you wont need to drive a train, it is a simple matching game.

Tee Time: Deliver golf balls to the mini golf course in time for a visit by the queen. But remember the locomotive is nearly out of fuel and there is a drawbridge aswell.

What A Mess: Your Father has told your Sister to tell you to tidy away your toys. Deliver the toy animals and RC cars to the toy box.

Sister's Picking On Me: As a case of your parents saying that you get to stay up late because you cleaned your room, your Sister has decided to get revenge by swiping all your trains. Now she has thought of a way of challenging you. She will roll the cars at you and you need to try and find the right siding where that car goes, but you ought to use the map for this job.